truth told

What is truth told?

In the words of Jesus, ‘truth sets you free.’  Not just telling the truth as the opposite of telling lies, but the ‘telling out’ of truth, whereby hearers are encouraged, uplifted and changed.

Individually, our lives look very different. We all have incredible life stories, some with more trials and challenges than others, but regardless of this there is a truth that remains constant and certain. 

John 8:32 describes it as this : “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

But what is this truth that is so freeing and liberating? It’s not ambiguous and vague; rather it is solid and wholesome. It’s a knowledge and understanding of who we really are and whose we are and knowing that we are loved and valued.

"Truth is truth. It's not ambiguous and vague, rather it is solid and wholesome."

It’s this truth that gives us real meaning and purpose in our lives. It will always bring us into the light and tell us how things really are. In every situation we know that this truth can change and transform our lives and that is the heart behind Truth Told 

Today more than ever before, we need truth and it’s our hope that Truth Told helps you to discover truth, freedom and life. When you choose to believe the truth, that is when you will discover what it means to be fully free.

John 8:32

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

My core belief

I believe in living a life based on knowing who we are and whose we are. This truth gives you and I real meaning and purpose.

About Sarah

Meet Sarah, Founder, and Speaker

I’m a wife, mother, speaker, leader, author, and a hospital chaplain in Cornwall where we make our home as a family. I was born in Neath, South Wales, UK and Wales was our home until we relocated to Cornwall in 2006.  I’m married to Glen and we have been blessed with four adult children and a wonderful Canadian son-in-law.

Having been born without a left hand, I’m a living testament of how to live to the full, and my story seems to have inspired countless people through the years. I was brought up in a family who had personal faith in God, and the Church was our second home. At the age of 12 in a Sunday School, I discovered this faith for myself, and I have never looked back.  After struggles with my self-worth and identity in my teenage years, I’ve grown in faith on my journey and I have learned to believe the truth that God works all things for the good of those who love Him. I have an understanding that He has a plan and purpose for me. That very truth has released me to live a life of vision, mission, and purpose.

I believe in living a life based on the truth of knowing who we are and whose we are.

I founded Truth Told to do just this; to spread the word of truth, and speak out that freedom can be ours!

I regularly speak and share my story at events and conferences in different locations around the UK and further afield, and love to communicate the truth of God’s Word in an inspirational, relevant, and practical way.

It’s my life’s mission to communicate truth wherever I go!

“Sarah has a wonderful story to tell and she immediately connects to every listener. She is a tremendous communicator and is able to move people’s hearts with warmth, humour and honesty. Sarah presents Biblical truth with clarity and insight, and has the rare gift of being able to speak to any size of crowd and immediately make them feel at ease. Sarah is a real people person, and we have been greatly encouraged and helped by her ministry which I cannot endorse highly enough.”

Rachel McDonald – Plymouth Christian Centre, UK