Lucinda’s story

Sarah stood in at short notice as special guest at our ladies event one Sunday evening. The expected speaker had food poisoning, so with just two days notice Sarah stood in the gap and instead of preaching, she shared her life story, and I’m so glad she did. 

That night was a turning point for me! At last someone else really understood and verbalised a lot of my feelings around my ‘arm’, as I had been born in exactly the same way, but on the right.

Sarah and her Mum had a midwife who helped them when she was born and she was brought up in a Christian household, but my story was different. 

But as Sarah explained her feelings around her ‘little arm’ it highlighted for me what was my ‘little arm’ emotions and what emotions were from other life factors. 

I felt less alone and that God wanted me to meet and get to know Sarah. I don’t think it was a coincidence my children got to watch CBeebies with Cerrie Burnell and her ‘little arm’ too and realise there are a few of us around!  

It all helped in my healing and was part of God’s love letter to me. Since that evening, my husband has come to faith, and I have trained as a counsellor and now I can help others. 

At the time I met Sarah, I needed sisters around me to help secure my foundation in God ready for the storms ahead and I am ever grateful I met her and she came into my world.

I went from leaving school with no GCSE’S  due to low self worth to having a BA in counselling studies and am a qualified integrative counsellor and supervisor. I now help others to learn their own self worth and value whatever their past, shape or circumstances. 


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