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‘Pearls for the Girls’ 

A special publication with my friend Melanie Chadwick, of a coffee table book of Bible-based thoughts and observations about all sorts of topics; mostly random everyday situations and common feelings that we hope you can relate to. We like to ask questions that will make you think, pause for a thought and consider.

This is a book of everyday wisdom for women of all ages and we hope that through sharing our stories and artwork we are able to inspire and encourage you in your life. 

Melanie is a full-time freelance illustrator, designer, and self-confessed sketch-a-holic. She loves exploring and drawing and spending time outside in nature and by the sea.  She graduated with a degree in Fine Art over 15 years ago and has worked on a variety of creative projects and commissions with clients based in the UK, USA, and further afield.

Her illustration work has been published on greeting cards, calendars, gift wrap as well as in recipe books and magazines. She lives on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall with her husband Tony, who leads a small Christian fellowship, and enjoys running art workshops and sketch walks around the area. 



Emmanuel Baptist


In this talk, Sarah continues the series on the letters in the book of Revelation. In Chapter 3, the Church in Philadelphia is encouraged that God knows and He makes a way.

Calon Church - Open Door


In this preach, Sarah encourages us that God opens and closes doors as He leads us and guides us. There are doors of opportunity ahead that God will show us and open up.

Calon Church - One Day


In this talk from Phillipians, Sarah explains how the Apostle Paul reflects on his life while he is in house arrest in Rome. He concludes that the things that have happened have only 'furthered' the gospel and it can be the same for us too. 

Helston Light & Life


Sarah shares about having faith in the God who is faithful. That is why we pray, why we praise and why we persevere, because God is faithful. 

Premier Radio

When Sarah Chaplin was born she only had one hand. Here is her story of self-acceptance, overcoming teasing at school, and learning she is God's masterpiece even with one hand. She talks to Maria Rodrigues from Premier Christian Radio.

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GeeseWe rent a few acres of land near where we live, and as well as sheep, chickens, and ducks, we also have geese. They look wonderful and are fascinating creatures, but I must admit I have had a few issues with them over the last few months. They hiss as you...

Dark Nights

Dark NightsIn the UK, we have recently turned our clocks back, and as much as we now have lighter mornings, we also have darker nights. What is it about the dark that can sometimes make us afraid? It's because we can't see what is around us and what is ahead. There is...

Psalm 91

In the current age we live in, more than ever before we need to feel secure. With instability all around us, psychologists tell us that as humans we all need safety, security and significance.

Who’s Fault Is It?

Whose fault was it? Was it China’s fault? Was if the fault of someone working in a laboratory somewhere? Was it the government’s fault? Covid swept through the world and we might feel we need to know who is to blame and therefore who needs to take responsibility for it. That’s human nature.

Let Us

In Hebrews Chapter 10, there is the lovely expression ‘Let us’ found five times, and they are the most wonderful advice to us


Since the start of the Covid pandemic, it’s true that the pace of life has changed for us all. As we emerge into some semblance of the new normal, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the pace of life we want to live by as we move forward.

Hymns Are For Old People

Hymns are for old people – Right? Well actually, the answer is no. Hymns are for everyone, regardless of their age, or the age that they were born into.

Piggy In The Middle

Did you ever play that game as a child? Two players pass the ball to one another with a third person in the middle trying to intercept it. It wasn’t one of my favourites!



In the winter evenings, I enjoy doing a jigsaw. I started a beautiful thousand piece Christmas one, and had good intentions to complete it, but here I am again, getting ready to dismantle what I have done, and box it up, and take it to a charity shop! Starting was the easy part – the challenge was finishing it. I quit. It was too difficult, and I got bored!


Have you ever lost anything? Your all important mobile phone? What about those vital car keys? A letter or document? Lost your passport? What about your purse or wallet? An important invitation to a special event?

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Truth Told in Covid Times

2020. The year of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

We made it through by keeping focused on the truth - the sort of truth that changes our lives for the better.


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