We are at war

covid chronicles #2

The politicians tell us we are at war against an invisible enemy, and the Coronavirus Pandemic is bringing back the ‘blitz spirit’ of the 2nd World War. There is something very war-like about these times, and if that’s the case maybe we should get our armour on and see what the Apostle Paul tells us in Ephesians Chapter 6 of the New Testament when he talks about the attire of the typical Roman Soldier:

Helmet – We need to protect our thoughts. To be careful what we are thinking and ‘over’ thinking, to give to God our anxious thoughts.

Shield of faith – the large rectangular shield that locked together with other fellow soldiers to create a wall of protection. Although we are not seeing many people right now, we can still keep ‘locked together’ and protect each other. Remind your friends and family you are still by their side.

Sword – speaks of the ‘words’ we use. Some words help and some words don’t. Some words heal and some words harm, so however we communicate, think about the words.

Breastplate – It’s important to guard our heart. This is an emotional time. There are feelings of isolation, depression and loneliness, and fears and very valid concerns. Let’s protect our hearts with what is right and true.

Belt of truth – let truth hold us together. Be true to ourselves. Wrapping ourselves around with truth…. ‘we are loved’, ‘We are never alone’, ‘this storm will pass’…………

Shoes of peace – where we can ‘go’ is restricted in the physical sense, but we can still ‘go’ to people with peace, just in a different way, by a different route. Where are you looking forward to ‘going’ when this is over? Think about the journeys you are longing to take and the places you want to go and why.

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