I bought this particular Daisy bush at a local garden centre three years ago, and simply all I have done is plant her in the soil and watch her flourish. This Spring, she has absolutely blossomed and is truly magnificent. When we sit outside in the garden, we are in awe of how well she is doing.

I presume the factors were right for her to take root and grow and cause this abundance of flowers:

  • The right soil – it’s quite young soil as our garden was re-landscaped about 20 years ago. Glen has added compost to the garden border……it seems the soil has all the nutrients that Daisy needs. She is feeding well.
  • The right conditions – Daisy is protected on the one side by the border wall, and from behind she is watched over by a large shrub. Just enough protection.
  • Room to grow – when we planted Daisy, there was room to the right and to the left if she wanted to expand and grow – she grabbed that!
  • Right aspect – Daisy catches the sun from every angle in the garden….the morning sun, and the evening sun, they all pour down on her their life-giving, life-sustaining rays.
  • There are no pests bothering her. Often Daisies can have a problem with aphids who are described as being ‘sap-sucking insects that can cause a lack of plant vigour and distorted growth’. Yes, we don’t need that sort of influence thank you very much. (I’ve met a few human aphids in my time).

Daisy wasn’t planted to just stay the same. Living things grow. She is a perfect example of this. 

It reminds me of the verse in Psalm 92:13 about being planted in the house of the Lord, flourishing in the courts of God. 

How important it is to be planted, settled, established, and flourishing in a good local Church.

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