The unexpected place

covid chronicles #5

Where should you be right now? In work? In a different location? With different people around you? On holiday? In business meetings? In school? Sitting exams?

Covid 19 has taken us to an ‘unexpected place.’ We didn’t plan to be here or prepare to be here or make arrangements to be here or schedule it in our diary to be here. We find ourselves where we never thought we would be, and where we don’t actually want to be.

We are in good company with other characters in the Bible who experienced the same:

  • Joseph in the pit then the prison
  • Daniel in a den of lions
  • Jonah in the belly of a fish
  • Paul and Silas in jail

…… name just a few.

When you find yourself in a place you never chose to be, remember that God sees you there and loves you and watches over you in that place. It can be a lonely place, a confusing place, and isolated place, but a place where you can find God and see Him work.

God always works in unexpected places in unexplained ways, and as the song says:

….even when I can’t see it You’re working, You never stop, You never stop working…….. Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, Light in the darkness.
My God, that is who You are*……….

If we can keep trusting and keep praising, we too will find God in this ‘place’ we find ourselves. Life will never be the same again, especially if we find out that God was working in those dark, unexpected places.


*Way Maker” is a song originally released in 2016 by Sinach, and by Leeland in 2019

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