Watch Your Mouth

Psalm 141:3
Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.

We were in Florida visiting our eldest son Josh who was on a one year placement there at a prestigious Golf Resort in West Palm Beach as part of his Sports Degree.

We took a road trip to the Everglades near Miami to see the alligators, and had an unforgettable family day together. After the breathtaking trip on the hovercraft boat through the reeds, we saw many adult alligators, and it was slightly unnerving but amazing.

Afterwards, we visited the area where you could see younger alligators and even hold one! Each of us in turn did this, and it was a strange feeling. The creature was heavy, hot and its skin the most bizarre texture. It was perfectly safe because his mouth was sealed with tape. He could not open his mouth even if he wanted to.

This concept would have been very useful through the years. There are a few mouths I wish I could have taped up, and my own has let me down at times too.

I am responsible for my own mouth and what comes out of my own lips. That’s what I can control. The Psalmist asks God to help him put a guard to his mouth. Almost like setting in place a security guard challenging you at the door of your lips. I remember my Mum teaching me to measure what we say by these three goals:

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?

 Have you ever regretted something you have said? Had that disagreement and just said one thing too much? Did you sense it doing some damage? It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it.

Or maybe like me, you have been on the receiving end of words that have done damage, or discouraged you, or tried to kill your self esteem, and crush your dreams.

I wish just like Mr Baby Alligator that we had some gaffa tape accessible sometimes!!! That would save us all a heap of painful wounds.

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