Pond To Fire Pit

When we moved to Cornwall, our new home had a pond with a number of fish, lilies, and a waterfall feature all in the shade of a magnificent palm tree. Over recent months we have decided to transform that area into something else. The water pump developed some issues, the lining of the pond had a problem, and we thought it was the right time to make some changes. You will be glad to know that the last remaining fish were safely re-homed, and once that was done, work began in this area of our garden.

The water was drained, the lining removed, the large rocks were uplifted, and the crater that you see in the photograph is sitting……. waiting, patiently, very patiently, because one day, someday, it will be a fire-pit /BBQ and seating area. (Evidence to follow)

It waits as it is being transformed into something else.

It is not what it was, but neither is it what he will be.

It is a work in progress. There is no going back to being a pond – the fish have gone – life has moved on – it’s all changed. Neither is it what it will be once the work is finished.

And so it is in our lives. We are a work in progress, and we are not what we were, but neither are we what we will be. You may think ‘I’m not changing,’ but we only need to look back at old photographs to realise that we are, and you only need to look at your actions and reactions to answer that question too.

We are changing for the better once we allow God to shape our lives and change our attitudes and outlooks. We are being changed from ‘glory to glory’ in the words of the old Charles Wesley hymn*. He then suggests in the lyrics that the work of change that’s happening in us won’t be ‘finished’ until we reach heaven’s shores.

So here in our garden I need to be patient with my wonderful husband who reassures me that our pond WILL BE a fire-pit one day and that it will just take a bit of time. I need to be reassured that he has at least started and will complete the task.

And so in our own lives, we need to be patient too, as we are a beautiful work in progress. We have come a long way, and the work is not finished yet.  Paul reminds us in Philippians 1:6 ‘Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.’

Phew – that’s good news if ever I heard it! 

*Love Divine – 3rd Verse ‘Finish then Thy new creation’

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