Nothing but everything

2 Corinthians 6:10   ‘….having nothing, and yet possessing everything.’ 

In the autumn of 2006 I had the amazing privilege of visiting Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Nothing can prepare you for a visit to a county like Burma. The sights, sounds, smells and general atmosphere are hard to express in mere words.  

Bordering Thailand, China, Bangladesh and India, Myanmar has suffered military control and poverty. Following the devastating cyclone in 2008, which killed 100,000 people, Yangon Children’s Home was built. Comprising four buildings, one of which was paid for by the people of Porthleven, Cornwall, my visit there with Glen had special significance. 

I was impressed with the clean buildings, the great staff, the provision of food and education, the organisation, and much more. 

But what touched me the most was the smiles of the children. Having lost so many things in life, they still had hope, and still had a smile and still had each other. 

Having lost everything, they had something. 

They had nothing, yet had everything, as the Bible says.  

I remember sitting in the hall with about six young girls all sitting around me, on top of me, giggling, chatting, laughing, and I was overwhelmed by their strength and hope. 

Their lack hadn’t defined them. Their hope was shaping a better future, and it was gorgeous to see.  

What a lesson for us all! When we feel robbed, or stripped back, or depleted, or impoverished, or lacking, God can fill our hearts again with the things that really make the difference. 


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