Being Different 

As I was driving along in my car recently, a song came on the radio which made me tap my fingers against the steering wheel, smile, and sing along. It was a song by the Bee Gees, written back in 1978, called ‘Staying Alive’. Some of you might know that song with its catchy disco feel.

As I listened, I realized once again how distinctive the Bee Gees voices were. Four male singers, they had really high pitched falsetto voices. They weren’t at all like the Rolling Stones, or the Beatles, or any other contemporaries. They were absolutely unique. They sold over hundred twenty million records – one of the highest-selling artist groups of all time. Maybe it’s because they were not like anyone else.

Do you know what? You and I are not like anyone else. Sometimes we say about ourselves, and I’ve heard others say to me, ‘I’m just not like anybody else’, ‘I’m so different,’ ‘I don’t fit in,’ ‘I’m not the same as everyone else.’

Well, that is such a good observation and such a true statement!

You are distinctive, and you are different. You are absolutely unique. Even if you’ve got an identical twin in your life, you are so different to them. There’s no one like you. You are so special, appreciated, loved and valued.

I’ve grown up feeling because I’ve got one hand, I’m so different to everyone else but you know what? I am! And that’s okay with me.

You are different to everyone else and we are so glad that you are.

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