Let Us

In Hebrews Chapter 10, there is the lovely expression ‘Let us’ found five times, and they are the most wonderful advice to us: 

Let us draw near to God’ says verse 22 says. Drawing near to God is the most beautiful thing. The prodigal son we read about in Luke 15, knew the absolute torment of being far away from his father and then returning home and coming close again. It’s such a hope-filled picture for us too of being far away and drawing near once again. James 4:8 says ‘If we draw near to God he will draw near us. What a wonderful promise. 

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess. I love this visual image of ‘holding unswervingly’ – Picture a bicycle rider swerving on the road, or a lorry swerving around a bend. We are encouraged to be unswerving as we live by faith, to be steady and constant and keep heading onward.

Let us spur one another on to love and good deeds. This is such a deeply Christian principle – as Paul says in Romans 12:10 ‘in honour prefer one another. The call is to be someone who spurs others on, like those who cheer participants in a race.

Let us not give up meeting together. We are better together than we are apart, and God’s family is all about togetherness. Meeting together is the best thing we can do as we grow and mature as Christians. In Covid times we haven’t been able to meet together in the literal sense,, but there have been other opportunities for connecting which have been enriching. Meeting together keeps us strengthened.

Let us encourage one another. To encourage is to put courage into it. The opposite is to discourage – drawing courage out of. This verse inspires us to be encouragers. What a difference encouragement makes. Think of those who have encouraged you through the years and aim to be that sort of person for others.

Let us! 

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