Who’s Fault Is It? 

Whose fault was it? Was it China’s fault? Was it the fault of someone working in a laboratory somewhere? Was it the government’s fault? Covid swept through the world and we might feel we need to know who is to blame and therefore who needs to take responsibility for it. That’s human nature.

In John’s gospel chapter 9, Jesus heals a blind man. He was born blind, and there were many questions at the time regarding whose fault that was. The man himself? His parents? The result of some sort of sin? Someone must be to blame.

Jesus instead challenges this mindset and brings light to it. Rather than asking whose fault it is (whatever it is) why don’t we ask, ‘How can I find God in it?’ That totally reframes the question being asked.

Sometimes we blame others – that’s nothing new. Right at the start of the bible in Genesis when God confronted Adam about the problem with sin, Adam replied, ‘The woman you put here with – she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.’ And in her defence Eve replied, ‘The serpent deceived me, and I ate.’ (Genesis 3:12-13) Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent; it was everyone else’s fault. Sound familiar?

You might say in your situation ‘My friends made me do it,’ Pressures of work made me do it,’ ‘My hormones made me eat the excess chocolate,’ and we put the blame anywhere except where it belongs.

Sometimes we blame ourselves, and at times, yes, we have only ourselves to blame, and we need to take the responsibility but on the most part blaming isn’t helpful as it heaps the guilt on ourselves. 

At times we are blamed, and it wasn’t our fault. It’s horrible to be blamed for things you haven’t done and feels unfair. Ever found yourself saying ‘This is SO not my fault?’

Maybe it’s time to stop blaming for it but discovering God in it. That will make a difference for us and bring us peace. 

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